Zoom: User / UX Research

UX (User Experience) in Agile is all about understanding user needs and contexts.

This means looking at how what we’re trying to build – whether a government service, an internal system or a new game – fits within, and improves, the lives of our target users.

Zoom out to get the big picture: the high level user journeys, the large user story mapping diagrams. See how the tasks users have to do, their steps and stages interlink to form their wider user experience. What are the pain points, issues and opportunities? Understand where they are coming from, what they’ll do next, and how your digital product or service makes their lives easier, happier, or ideally both. Start by knowing your users, their contexts and their needs.

Zoom in to get into the nitty gritty insight: the shorter user journeys, the use cases, the user stories for each individual task, step and stage in the user’s journey. This insight feeds into design challenges, ideas sketching, and eventually more complete user stories ready for design backlogs. Mock-ups and prototypes are then used to test our ideas with real users: we test, iterate, test again, reiterate, until we are confident it works – then pass on to production backlog.

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