Digital books at the intersection of print books and digital media


Digital books at the intersection of print books and digital media

The Wheel of Intermediality for Digital Books

This wheel represents a model for looking at the ways in which digital books are influenced by both print and a wide range of digital media forms.

It builds on a paper presented at the conference By the Book 2:

And on the ideas evolved on the subsequent article ‘The Digital Book (R)evolution’, in Logos (Forum of the World Book Community), Volume 25, Issue 4:

The three concentric circles represent media and formats: print books, digital books and a range for other relevant digital media

The three slices are linked to key areas in publishing: Reference, Fiction and Professional & Educational

Mapped around the wheel, around thematic areas, for example travelling, are the different kinds of texts – in print, digital book, and other media – that influence each other

Hybrid media books and game-books are the more obvious border-crossers, with one foot in each territory… but there are more, a lot more to explore. These are borderline cases, hybrids, mongrels that defy any neat traditional classifications onto separate silos.

This is work in progress, the result of over two years of research, sketches and attempts to find a way to create a diagram that can adequately locate digital books at the intermedial intersection of print traditions and the affordances and conventions of digital media.

All comments, feedback and ideas for improvements welcomed!

This is being done as part of ongoing research contributing to the UNESCO Chair project ‘New Media Forms of the Book’, led by Professor Alexis Weedon at the University of Bedfordshire –

Games telling stories – from story-telling to story-playing

From a conference I spoke at a few years ago, Nottingham’s Contemporary Screen Narratives. The ideas are still relevant today with many game developers trying to better the narrative potential of their games. My paper ended up evolving and became a chapter in a book with loads of other people who have, like me, been thinking about narrative in media, in different media and across media.

The chapter and book:

‘The Muddle Earth Journey: Brand Consistency and Cross-Media Intertextuality in Game Adaptation’ in Storytelling in the Media Convergence Age: Exploring Screen Narratives – Chapter preview.

The initial slides (with speaker notes):