ZoomKind Investments Ltd


Activities and goals

Set up in October 2019 by Claudio Pires Franco, the Director of Zoomkind Ltd, this is a company dedicated to acquiring, letting and selling unique property and motorhomes.

Homes with character

The goal is to buy only properties with character, in historic buildings or natural settings. The initial strategy includes trialling the short-term holiday / business rental (Airbnb-style), with a potential move to longer-term tenants. Invested properties will probably be kept in a letting portfolio for a period of 5-10 years, and then be sold – although it all depends on the evolution of market conditions in local areas of implementation.


Handcrafted motorhomes

Another angle of operation may involve the acquisition and/or commissioning of motorhomes and/or van conversions for short-term rentals (again Airbnb-style, via a dedicated website and existing private motorhome rental websites such as Yescapa). The business may also involve, at some point, the purchasing and selling of these kinds of vehicles for profit. The motorhomes will be selected for their character and originality, and is is likely that will be ordered to measure, with participation in the very design from day one.

File:Bespoke Volkswagen campervan interior built by The Wee Camper Co..jpg